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holiday lets near loch ness

By Pennant’s holiday lets near loch ness day it has perhaps got over the aftermath of the ’Forty-five. Its sympathies were strongly Jacobite, for several of the neighbouring chiefs had their town residences there, and it is not surprising that there were routs and balls and much gaiety when Charles Edward and his holiday lets near loch ness army came there in February 1746, the prince residing in the house of Lady Drummuir, a house subsequently occupied by the ‘Butcher’ Cumberland, on a site which is now No. 43 Church Street. The early years of the Government occupation were in contrast to the brief weeks when the holiday lets near loch ness Prince lay in the town. The letters of Wolfe are as disgruntled as the letters of Burt had been a decade earlier. Burt disliked nearly everything about the holiday lets near loch ness highlands, whether the hideousness of the hills, ‘especially when the heather is in bloom’, or the kilt, which he calls the Quelt and considers to be indecent. Wolfe also had no time for holiday lets near loch ness Highlanders and grouses about the weather and his rheumatism as though he had been 55 instead of a mere 24, and he disliked the tones of the ‘Erse’ tongue – although Defoe long years before had remarked on the purity of the English spoken in Inverness - yet he was ready enough to enjoy the company of ‘female rebels’ and on one occasion danced with the daughter of Macdonald of Keppoch himself, who had died at Culloden.

In its natural features holiday lets near loch ness Inverness has all the advantages any town could wish for. Among them is the river. Although only six miles long, from its emergence from Loch Ness to its entry to the Beauly Firth, it is shallow and wide and has at one point a group of long, narrow islands in it which are well wooded and connected with a holiday lets near loch ness parkland and gardens on the bank by means of small bridges. On a summer night when the lamps are lit and there is a twilit sky the scene is more like one of the Rhine holiday lets near loch ness resorts such as Boppart than a Highland town, and if there are no illuminated river steamers moored to the banks the air ‘sweetly recommends itself unto our gentle senses’ – how did Shakespeare discover this? – while in winter there is a traffic of magnificent salmon here on their way to the deep waters of Loch Ness. The hilly holiday lets near loch ness features around may not be capped by any Rhineland castles, but they are pleasantly wooded in contrast to the bare, blue distant mountains. The nearest of them is Tomnahurich, which is famous as a cemetery but also as the best viewpoint in the holiday lets near loch ness town, which Pennant appreciated.

The approach to holiday lets near loch ness Inverness by the Great North Road has in itself a certain strange quality of revelation. After the Slochd summit the country tilts northwards and the sky seems to stretch and one senses something new beyond the horizon. Here it is rather empty country. To the right there is Moy and its loch, seat of the Mackintosh of Mackintosh, chief of the great confederation known as Clan Chattan, then the road slants down into the valley of the Nairn and climbs out of it again past the prominent little kirk of Daviot, burial place of the Mackintoshes, which now has to face a stone-quarry the white dust of which settles everywhere, part of the price to be paid to make it easier for the road-tankers and by rail anyway.
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