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holiday accommodation scottish highlands

Once over the top at Daviot interesting name-signs begin to appear, pointing eastwards towards holiday accommodation scottish highlands along minor roads just as one begins to see that the marvellous panorama of the Ross-shire and Sutherland hills far off to the north. One of those holiday accommodation scottish highlands roads goes by the way of Strath Nairn, skirting Beinn Buidhe Mhor, and bears the sign ‘Cawdor’. In this Macbeth country, it is an evocative name, and neither the village of the name nor the castle close to it will prove disappointing. The holiday accommodation scottish highlands castle, to my mind, is the choicest of all Scotland’s medieval castles, the more so since its ancient features have not only been preserved but lovingly kept alive by a certain degree of tactful adaptation to the needs and ways of today. Like so many Scottish holiday accommodation scottish highlands castles, it has grown over the years. The original stronghold, Thane William’s tower, was built in the mid-fifteenth century on a rocky outcrop overhanging a burn flowing down to the Nairn and is protected in front by a dry moat crossed by a drawbridge the suspending poles of which project from embrasures in the wall behind. A small holiday accommodation scottish highlands courtyard divides the entrance from the tower-keep itself.

The other buildings which ramble delightfully around the tower were added by Sir Hugh Campbell in Restoration times. The lovely tones of the stonework are enhanced by creepers and by flecks of colour where small plants or mosses seem to have lodged in crevices, and the setting of great trees and, to the south, of a truly choice walled garden with many rare plants in it complete the picture and make one wish that more of our ancient places had been cared for like this. The interior holiday accommodation scottish highlands redoubles the wish. I have stressed that the only satisfactory way to keep our heritage of such castles and mansions not only preserved but alive is to make it possible somehow for them to be lived in, implying of course that those who live in them must love them. Cawdor has been fortunate in this. The fifth Earl, for example, combined with his learning – he was an antiquarian of high standing – a warm enthusiasm which was infections whether he was pointing out the holiday accommodation scottish highlands landscape from the windly battlements of the tower or explaining the significance of the dead hawthorn tree in the dungeon far below. The holiday accommodation scottish highlands legend relating to the tree is that Thane William had a dream directing him to put the coffer of treasure he had amassed to build a tower upon the back of an ass and to erect the tower wherever the ass stopped, and that the animal did so at the third of three hawthorn trees growing from a rock. The tower was built around it.

In strange contrast, when I saw it there was lying nearby some handsome nameplate of a locomotive with the device: Thane of Cawdor! It is difficult to choose between other features of the interior and impossible here to even to touch upon them all, but mention must be made of Lady Cawdor’s bedroom, immediately above the great hall. Its stone walls are completely covered by a set of tapestries illustrating the story of Noah commissioned at Oudenarde by Sir Hugh and Lady Campbell for this very room about 1685, and in the charter-room of the holiday accommodation scottish highlands castle are the papers recording the transaction and the charges for transporting the hangings from Flanders to the mouth of the Findhorn River.
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